Take back control of your roofing company’s marketing plan and understand the process!

David Laird - Owner - Honest Roofer Marketing

Honest Roofer Marketing helps roofing companies across the country achieve massive growth by positioning them as the most trustworthy contractor in their service area. We specialize in working with roofing companies and bring over a decade of marketing knowledge to the table. Additionally, we create assets that you own to help you grow for years. We create a tailored marketing plan for your roofing company and then execute it to perfection.

Clients trust Honest Roofer Marketing to scale their roofing company while they focus on delivering the best service to their customers. Our experienced marketing team delivers consistent and reliable results across the United States and specializes in working with roofers to take their roofing company to new heights!

Honest Roofer Marketing is owned and operated by David Laird. He’s helped numerous businesses with their marketing efforts for over two decades and has developed a passion for helping honest roofers grow their businesses to compete with the largest companies in the nation. David has spent his career providing the best service, education, and consistent results for countless business owners and building strong relationships.

Today, David applies his expertise to the roofing niche where he’s helped companies dominate competitive markets and experience unprecedented growth. He understands that marketing can be a very ambiguous part of owning a business and strives to always teach the “Why” behind the tactics recommended to grow your roofing business. David prides himself on his ability to communicate quickly and effectively and to break down technical marketing concepts to make them easy to understand. With Honest Roofer Marketing he aims to help the most honest, customer-focused, and reliable roofing companies in every market be easily found online. The idea is that the homeowner in need should always find the most reputable contractor in their area!



“The phone’s ringing, we’re getting webforms. But let’s back up a little bit because I’m located in North Texas, which is a very weather-related market. There are close to 9,000 roofing contractors in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex because Texas does not require a license to be a roofer. Despite all of that, our phone is ringing more in the past year than it has in the past five years. We’re getting webforms. We have 167 five-star reviews on Google. This has been a slow year for storms in North Texas, however, we are on pace financially this year to hit the numbers we hit last year with a big storm season.

After working with four other organizations in three years, David and his team’s passion and dedication, along with the incredible results we’ve seen – I mean, how can we say no to a deal like that?”

Daniel Pentikis | Owner

Honey Bees Roofing & Solar


“The process of working with Honest Roofer Marketing has been really smooth from the beginning. Any time we’ve needed anything, even after hours, you’ve always been there to help us through it. Even further, when it comes to Google, Honest Roofer Marketing is unrivaled. You told me it would take some time to do things the right way, but that I’d thank you in the end. You were right, I know our rankings are really good right now and all of that is because of what you and your team is doing.

When we first started working with Honest Roofer Marketing we were doing about $300,000 annually. This year we are on track to do $5 Million in sales – obviously a massive increase there. In the last year or so we’ve mostly been able to stop paying for leads and focusing more on organic leads. All of our organic leads have a 100% schedule rate and our closing rate off of those leads is 50%. Not only would I recommend Honest Roofer Marketing to others in the industry, I have.”

Thomas Hennessey | Owner

Hennessey Roofing