Johnell "CJ" Cabusas
Paid Traffic Specialist

CJ Johnell Cabusas
Paid Traffic Specialist

Johnell "CJ" Cabusas

Johnell, more affectionately known as “CJ” by his peers, has been revolutionizing the world of online advertising with Honest Roofer Marketing for the past five months. With three years of industry experience under his belt, CJ has become a cornerstone of our digital marketing team.

Mastering the Art of Effective Advertising

CJ’s journey in the digital marketing arena has seen him mastering the art of creating effective ad campaigns, analyzing market trends, and staying ahead of the curve. His focus? Ensuring that our clients not only see results but feel the impact of their investment.

Creativity Meets Analytical Skills

At the heart of CJ’s approach is his unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess. He understands that the success of an ad campaign isn’t just in the numbers. It’s in its ability to weave a story that resonates and connects with the audience. This philosophy drives every strategy he develops, ensuring that each campaign is as engaging as it is effective.

Professional Credentials and Continuous Learning

His expertise is backed by an Ads Masterclass from a renowned local coach in the Philippines and a Digital Marketing & E-commerce certificate from Google Academy. These credentials underscore his dedication to being at the forefront of advertising excellence.

Interests Beyond Digital Marketing

Away from the hustle of ad campaigns, CJ is an avid explorer of the outdoors. He finds solace in the serene landscapes of beaches and diving spots. In the kitchen, he experiments with coffee and various recipes, and he unwinds with a good self-development book. For CJ, nature, food, and literature provide the perfect balance to his digital-centric profession.

Guiding Philosophy in Professional and Personal Life

CJ lives by the words of Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” This motto reflects in his professional life, where he faces challenges with resilience and a commitment to continuous improvement.