Google Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies

Hello, roofing company owners! Have you ever wished you could stand out in your local area and be the first name homeowners think of when they need roofing services? Google Local Service Ads might just be your golden ticket. These ads are designed to highlight local businesses right at the top of Google search results. They even show how long you’ve been in business and highlight the number of reviews and star rating for your company. At Honest Roofer Marketing, we’re here to help you navigate the world of Google Local Service Ads or Google Guaranteed Ads as they are sometimes referred. Let’s dive in and see how these ads can give your roofing business the local edge over your competitors!

google local service ads for roofers

Benefits of Local Service Ads for Roofing Companies

Google Local Service Ads are like your local digital billboards, but with a special touch. They come with trust signals from your reviews already built in. As an added benefit for your potential customer they will also see a “Google Guaranteed” badge and checkmark for the companies who have completed the Google Local Service Ads onboarding process. Some other benefits include:

Top-of-Page Visibility

These ads help your roofing company appear at the top of Google search results, even above traditional Google Ads. It’s like having a prime billboard spot in the busiest part of town.

Pay for Leads, Not Clicks

With Local Service Ads, you pay when someone contacts you directly through the ad, not just for a click. This means you’re paying for potential business, not just eyeballs. This helps Google compete with traditional lead generation services like Angi and Homeadvisor with a much cheaper cost-per-lead in most markets.

Dispute Bad Leads

As with all forms of marketing, you’re bound to get bad leads from time-to-time. Google accounts for this by allowing you to dispute bad leads within their Google Local Service Ads platform. If a lead was a robot, or looking to get hired on with your company instead of being an actual customer, you can dispute the lead and not get charged for the lead.

Common Local Service Ads Mistakes To Avoid

Every opportunity comes with pitfalls. The Honest Roofer Marketing team has outlined some of the common mistakes to avoid to make sure you get the most out of Google Local Service Ads!

Incomplete Business Profile

An incomplete or inaccurate business profile can confuse or mislead potential customers. It’s like giving someone directions with missing steps. Ensure all your details, from services offered to business hours, are accurate. This not only helps your customers, but helps roofing company owners win more bad lead disputes.

Ignoring Reviews

Reviews play a big role in Local Service Ads. Ignoring negative reviews or not encouraging happy customers to leave positive ones can hurt your chances of getting leads. When a job is completed, make sure you’re asking for a review through the Google Local Service Ads platform.

Not Answering Your Phone

Nothing will hurt your Google Local Service Ads rankings worse than not answering your phone when potential customers call. The purpose of these ads for customers is to get ahold of a roofing company owner that can solve their problem. If Google shows companies that aren’t answer their phones, they are not doing their best to help their users. It’s a best practice to hire a dedicated roofing call center before starting Google Local Service Ads to ensure the best results.

The Difference Between Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads

Both are powerful tools, but they serve slightly different purposes. Our team breaks down the key differences of the two platforms below.

Placement on Search Results

While both types of ads appear at the top of search results, Local Service Ads usually appear above traditional Google Ads. If your budget doesn’t allow you to show up in both places, our team recommends Google Local Service Ads as long as you have the team in place to answer every call.

Payment Structure

With Google Ads, you pay for clicks. With Local Service Ads, you pay for direct leads. It’s the difference between paying for a window shopper and someone who walks into your store. Both are valuable, but the person in your store is more likely to be ready to buy.

Trust Signals

Google Local Service Ads can come with the Google Guaranteed badge, a trust signal that can boost confidence in your roofing services. It’s like having a trusted friend vouch for you. With Google Ads, the Google Guaranteed badge doesn’t show up.

Getting Started with Google Local Service Ads

Ready to jump in to Google Local Service Ads for roofing companies? Here’s how to get the ball rolling.

Verify Your Business

Google will want to check that your roofing business is the real deal. This includes completing background checks, license verifications, and insurance requirements. It’s like showing your ID at the door. Google wants to make sure that only qualified roofing contractors benefit from Google Local Service Ads.

Set Your Budget

Decide how much you want to spend on Local Service Ads. Remember, you’re paying for leads, not just clicks. Also, since this platform is a combination of a ranking algorithm and pay-to-play our team advises setting a budget that’s triple the size that you would normally expect. That’s because you will likely not spend your full budget, especially early on. As your ads show more often, scale your budget down to a more manageable level.

Respond to Leads Promptly

When someone contacts you through your ad, respond quickly. This means answer the phone or responding to messages on the platform. The leads will not always come to your inbox so make sure to have the Google Local Service Ads app downloaded. Fast responses can lead to more business and better reviews.

Google Local Service Ads or Google Guaranteed Ads offer roofing companies a unique opportunity to shine in their local area. They are some of the most clicked on areas of the Google search engine results pages (SERPS). They’re designed to boost trust, visibility, and direct leads, making them a valuable tool for roofing company owners. At Honest Roofer Marketing, we’re here to guide you through every step, ensuring your roofing business gets the local attention and leads it deserves. Ready to be the most trusted, honest roofing company in your area? Schedule your discovery call today to see how our team can help with Google Local Service Ads and much more!

“They have been a master key to our companies online presence and are the main attribute to our companies rapid growth over the last 2.5 years from 350K to over 5M in 2.5 years!”
  Tom Hennessey

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