Leticia Laird
Graphic Designer | Marketing Coordinator

Leticia Laird
Graphic Designer / Marketing Coordinator

Meet Leticia Laird

Joining our team a year ago, Leticia has quickly become an integral part of Honest Roofer Marketing. With 1.5 years in the industry, her journey here might seem brief, but her impact is anything but.

The Influence of Motherhood on Professional Skills

Leticia’s approach to her role is shaped significantly by the life skills she honed during motherhood—patience, resilience, and exceptional time management. These qualities translate seamlessly into her professional life, where she makes every client a priority, ensuring their visions are not just met but exceeded.

A Unique Approach to Graphic Design and Marketing

Her unique touch in her job comes from a blend of eagerness and a love for learning. Viewing each project as a new challenge or puzzle, Leticia brings a refreshing excitement and dedication to her work, making her an invaluable asset to both the team and our clients.

Expanding Professional Expertise

Though relatively new to the field, Leticia is actively expanding her expertise. She is on the verge of obtaining certifications in Graphic Software and Applications, and Adobe Graphic Application. Furthermore, she is pursuing an AAS in Graphic Design and Rich Media.

Life Beyond Work: Leticia’s Personal World

Beyond work, Leticia’s world revolves around her family. She finds joy in cooking—especially trying new and exotic recipes—and engaging in crafts with her loved ones. A gaming enthusiast, she immerses herself in open-world exploration games like Skyrim and story-driven puzzle games such as Rime and Superliminal, reflecting her love for creativity and problem-solving.

Inspiration and Philosophy

Leticia lives by the words of Albert Einstein: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” This philosophy not only guides her personal life but also inspires her approach to her role at Honest Roofer Marketing.