Savanah Yarzebinski
Executive Assistant

Savanah Yarzebinski
Executive Assistant

Meet Savanah Yarzebinski

Since joining the team in May 2023, Savanah has become an essential link in the Honest Roofer Marketing family. With a rich background in customer service since 2016, her transition to our team was a natural fit.


Before her journey with us, Savanah honed her skills in a veterinary hospital, navigating the emotional landscapes of pet owners through their best and worst moments. This experience cultivated in her an exceptional ability to listen, empathize, and maintain honesty, especially in challenging situations.

Role as a Bridge between Clients and Management

At Honest Roofer Marketing, Savanah is the vital bridge between our clients and David, our CEO. Her role is crucial in providing timely information and answers, ensuring smooth and efficient communication. Her approach to client service is not just professional; it’s personal and attentive.

Personal Touch: A Love for Pink

Savanah’s unique flair? A passion for all things pink! She believes in surrounding herself with this vibrant color to create a workspace where she can deliver peak performance with a smile.

Life Outside Work: A World of Sound and Pets

Outside the office, Savanah is constantly immersed in a world of sound—be it music, YouTube videos, podcasts, or audiobooks. She’s also the proud owner of Cleo, a lively Husky and Australian Shepherd mix, who ensures there’s never a dull moment.

Inspirational Philosophy

Living by the poignant words, “If you wish to know what someone values, just look at what they choose to photograph,” Savanah brings a perspective that values the memorable and significant moments, both in life and at work.